About Consultations

I am delighted to offer consultations in Santa Fe, New Mexico and by phone or Skype.  During consultations we discuss your current state of health, your concerns and goals.  I will take a complete health history and ask you lots of questions, which may seem unrelated, but are helpful. I will assess, provide insight and recommendations. You finish your session with a treatment plan, guidance & encouragement on how to continue on your own. I strive to educate and empower you to make the best choices for optimum health and wellness so you can live vibrantly healthy, naturally.

 Simple tools can have profound results. Recommendations include:

  • Nutrition
  • Herbal medicine
  • Lifestyle
  • Other holistic choices
  • Personalized yoga practice (postures, breath and meditation, if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions about Consultations

Are phone and Skype consultations effective?

Yes! Initial ayurvedic consultations are best in person but are not required. We can accomplish a great deal working at a distance and over 50% of my practice is Internet based.

How long will I need consultations for?

This will be determined during your first visit. Follow-up ayurveda sessions are essential for the success of your treatment plan and are important to monitor the dosages of herbs and the effects of changes to your diet, lifestyle and other practices. Typically two follow up sessions are minimally required. As everything in Ayurveda is “tailor made”, consultations are as well. Many of my clients love the 30 minute “quick check-in” to ask questions and receive additional support for many years after their initial session.

How will I know what I need to do?

At the end of your session I will give you a detailed treatment plan. This typically includes dietary suggestions, herbal formulas, lifestyle modifications, other supportive practices and sometimes yoga, breathing and meditation practices. We will go over specific instructions during our session.

Are your suggestions expensive?

Generally, no. The first line of changes is dietary, which typically involves altering your grocery shopping and cooking. That is not expensive. Depending on each situation, I will often suggest custom ayurvedic herbal formula and sometimes other supportive formulas. A two-month supply of a custom Ayurvedic herb formula is usually $25-35. Other supplemental suggestions can range from $15-35 per bottle. Often herbal teas with commonly available kitchen spices/herbs are recommended.

Where do I get the formulas?

I carry many ayurvedic herbal formulas at my office if you come to see me in person. Otherwise, I will direct you to the best and easiest place via Internet or phone to purchase what is needed for your program.