Now is the time to have fun in your kitchen! Cooking is an art and a wholesome activity that connects you to the natural world that gives us this bounty. Let wellness, wholeness, and inspiration guide your cooking endeavors. Stock your pantry with whole grains, dried beans, good-quality oils, unrefined sea salt, and fresh spices. Store grains, beans, and spices in glass jars behind cabinet doors to protect them from the heat of the sun and stove. Enliven your kitchen with abundant fresh produce, some fresh herbs, and dairy products (if you tolerate them well). Have bowls full of fresh fruit for you to snack on throughout the day, and keep plenty of healthy snacks available. Your kitchen and pantry will become beautiful and inspiring.

Many people mistakenly think that Ayurvedic nutrition is about eating lentils and rice every day. In fact, Ayurvedic nutrition is about understanding yourself: your body, its metabolism, the strength or weakness of your digestive fire, and your tendencies for imbalance. Let these factors, along with the season and what is available locally for you to eat, be the baseline for your diet. Hopefully you will soon discover that eating healthy can also be simple and delicious. Enjoy!